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Facials And Massage

Facials and Massage Services at Finishing Touch


Proper care of the face is essential in order to maintain its health and vitality. All facials incorporate careful skin analysis and appropriate product selection for all skin types.

Signature Facial

This wonderful facial treatment begins with a warm aroma foot soak. We analyze your skin type and include a deep pore cleansing, a relaxing facial massage, an exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells, steam and soothing mask, a luxurious upper body, arm, and hand massage with heated hand mitts, and a foot massage with heated booties, followed by a refreshing toner and nourishing moisturizer. - $65 for 75 minutes

Back Cleansing Treatment

An intensive and luxurious treatment that focuses on your back. It includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing for the back and shoulders. This treatment also includes a foot massage and ends with a scalp massage that leaves you totally relaxed. - $85 for 60 minutes

Gentlemen's Facial

Men are often exposed to harmful substances in their work environments and do not realize it. These toxins can damage the skin. A male facial is the perfect treatment for maintaining the allure of handsome skin. - $60 for 75 minutes


This very common and problematic skin condition needs special attention. Moor Mud, comprised of herbs and medicinal properties, is wonderful for the treatment of this disorder. Its antibiotic and detoxifying properties are effective in the healing of acne. Extractions are also performed when necessary. Perfect for teens! - $65 for 75 minutes


A soothing vitamin C mask is used in this facial to promote super-hydration and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also supports collagen production. It's fine for all skin types, but mature, dry and dehydrated skin will benefit especially from this treatment. - $80 for 75 minutes

Enzyme Peel

This proteolytic enzyme peel is a milk peel used for gently exfoliating keratinized dead skin cells that form on the top layer of the skin. The formula consists of a colloidal oat and chamomile base providing protein and anti-inflammatory properties. Improved texture and tone result from this treatment. This type of peel is especially beneficial to oily, acne-prone, and dry skin. The enzyme peel may be added to any facial as a specialized exfoliating treatment. - $95 for 75 minutes


The therapeutic properties of grapes and champagne oil comprise this exotic facial treatment. High in both anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients, a champagne facial hydrates and exfoliates, leaving skin smooth and refreshed. A perfect treatment for dry, sun-damaged, and aging skin. (Not recommended for sensitive skin.) - $90 for 75 minutes

Double-Layered Chocolate Facial

A delicious, relaxing, and anti-aging facial treatment. Truly our ultimate facial, leaving the skin with a youthful glowing radiance that will reverse sun damage, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, erase lips lines and firm, lift, and tone the skin. - $95 for 90 minutes

Glycolic Grape Facial Peel

A glycolic grape peel veil removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates, and helps fade age spots due to overexposure to the sun. This specialty facial benefits aging skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and fresh. - $85 for 75 minutes

Mini Facial

This treatment consists of a deep cleansing, toning, exfoliating, a light massage, and an appropriate mask as well as a neck massage and a protectant. Great for people with busy lifestyles and those who want to maintain a healthy skin between regular facial treatments. - $45 for 45 minutes

Manual Dermabrasion Treatment (not a facial)

Manual dermabrasion is a skin resurfacing procedure that, like microdermabrasion, uses magnesium oxide microcrystal, only without the equipment. Visible results include improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, blackheads, whiteheads, surface scarring, acneic scarring, superficial pigmentation, and aging and sun-damaged skin, and can also decongest acneic conditions. Following a treatment, extra hydration is required for 14 days. For best results, a series of six treatments is recommended. Maintenance should be done every two months. - add to facials for $35, alone $40



Since ancient times, the benefits of massage have been recognized as the most effective means of stress and tension reduction. Our therapists are trained and licensed in all of the disciplines listed.


A relaxing full-body massage incorporating kneading techniques along with long, gentle strokes. This increases circulation and soothes tired muscles to help reduce tension. - $40 for 30 minutes, $65 for 60 minutes, $95 for 90 minutes

Deep Tissue

This massage is recommended after a strenuous workout. It is designed to prevent muscular soreness and ease tired joints to meet your specific needs. - $45 for 30 minutes, $70 for 60 minutes, $100 for 90 minutes


A massage for a special time in your life. With the use of a specially designed pillow, our trained therapists gently alleviate discomfort and stress that often accompany pre- and postnatal changes to the body. - $40 for 30 minutes, $65 for 60 minutes

Hot Stone

Smooth riverbed stones are warmed and placed on energy points of the body, while the therapist uses hot stones to massage the body. Deep heat penetrates the muscles and helps create maximum relaxation. - $120 for 90 minutes

Chair Massage

Relax in our on-site massage chair while your therapist relieves your stress, tension headaches, and muscle tension without removing your clothing or the use of oils. - $5 for 5 minutes, $10 for 10 minutes, $15 for 15 minutes